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History of the 43 Hoops Basketball Club

The 43 Hoops Basketball Club was established in 2002. It has now grown into one of the top youth basketball programs not only in the Twin Cities, but 43 Hoops also fields elite teams each year which have long been recognized as among the best teams in the nation. The 43 Hoops Basketball Club provides great opportunities for both boys and girls to play in a fun and competitive environment throughout the spring and summer. The 43 Hoops Basketball Club provides these athletes with opportunities to develop, strengthen, and enhance each individual’s overall level of play. The true measure of our success, however, lies in the fact that we provide all of our Club members the life skills to grow as young men and women.

The 43 Hoops Basketball Academy

One of the unique features of 43 Hoops is that we are the only spring/summer basketball club in the metro that offers development opportunities for our participants year around. The 43 Hoops Basketball Academy, home to the 43 Hoops Basketball Club, is a 26,000 square foot training facility located in Hopkins. The Academy’s staff of professional trainers has an unmatched reputation for preparing young men and women for competitive basketball. Our intensive, results oriented, training programs are available to Club and non-Club members alike. While Club members receive significant discounts for participating in our training programs, the value of our programs is reflected in the fact that we provide training for young men and women who play for virtually every basketball and volleyball club in the Twin Cities.

43 Hoops Basketball Club Mission

The mission of the 43 Hoops Basketball Club is to aid in the growth and development of basketball players. We assist each athlete, not only in the development of their basketball skills, but also in the development of important life skills. We don’t believe that winning is everything. We feel that putting forth 100% maximum effort makes you a real winner. Once the results of the games are gone and forgotten, the lessons learned, and the sacrifices made, it is the experiences gained that will be remembered for a lifetime. These are the true measures of success. Of course, winning is something we strive for, but it is not our core development philosophy.

43 Hoops Basketball Club Philosophy

Our philosophy is to place the best players on the most competitive team in their age group. Playing time is not equal and the more skilled players who follow the club rules will play more than their teammates. Our players and parents invest a lot of money and time in our club and it is the club’s responsibility to provide our players with quality coaching, training, facilities and management. We want all of our teams to be competitive and win. However, winning and losing are the variables but the drive to compete at the highest level is our standard.

We ask all of our coaches to challenge their players every day in practice and insist on their best effort. Our coaches will not tolerate bad attitudes, tardiness, lack of hustle or the desire to compete. Whenever they step on the court we expect our student-athletes to Expect to be the Best!

Spring Teams

All teams will begin practices in early April and play through the end of May or the beginning of June. Practices will be held twice each week and run for an hour and a half. Practice sites and times are yet to be determined, but will be in the Saint Louis Park area. Teams will play in 5 in-state tournaments.

Teams will consist of 10 players per team.  Players will be selected through tryouts and teams will be formed based on numbers at tryouts. Tryout fees are $20 and are not refundable. All players must go through try-outs to be placed on a team. Exceptions will be dealt with on a player by player basis.

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