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43 Hoops Basketball Club forms teams in the spring. Our goals are to form competitive teams at all levels and age groups. Here are a few questions that I get asked most often.

1. Where is your program located? Our facility is located in Hopkins but we also rent gym space from various local communities

2. What if my child cannot attend tryouts? Please contact Jeff Fuller if you are not able to attend tryouts, I will do my best to work with you.

3. What is the season length? Season for spring typically runs from beginning of April to beginning of June. This can vary slightly depending on age and level of competition.

4. How many tournaments will we play? Usually 5 tournaments are done in the spring.

5. Where are practices located? We use practice facilities mainly in the western burbs, such as Hopkins, St Louis park, and Minnetonka.

6. Can my child request to be on the same team as someone else? Please let me know if this is the case, as I will do my best to make it happen. But cannot promise anything as it does depend on skill level, and ideal team placement.

7. What weekends will my child play? A tentative tourney schedule will be available and finalized by the tryouts.

8.When will my child practice? Practices can vary. Evening time frames Monday through Friday are the norm. I do my best to get consistent times and locations and will have them out as soon as possible.

9. Do 43 Hoops teams travel out of state? There are some teams that do travel out of state and if your child were to make one of these teams you will be made aware of this before acceptance.

10. Are travel expenses covered in my cost? NO, you will be responsible for all travel, hotel, and food expenses.

11. Can my child play both baseball/football/soccer/another sport and play for the 43 Hoops? This can be very difficult due to practice and game conflicts. We hope that you make 43 Hoops your priority as to not let the team down by missing practices and games.

12. Is there a tryout fee? There is a $20 tryout fee, please register online which can be paid then or when you show up at the tryouts.

13. Do you offer winter basketball? 43 Hoops does not do any winter teams as this is usually reserved for the local basketball association.

14. What level of competition is available in spring? Spring basketball is very competitive but we do put teams together at all levels as to give kids the chance to compete as well as challenge themselves. There are also select/elite teams that are put together as well.

15. What can be expected at tryouts? The first part of the tryouts will be skill focused. Dribbling, shooting, layups, etc. We will then go to 3 on 3 and then 5 on 5.

16. How are players placed on teams? Teams are formed based on skill level as well as need of position. When forming teams we do not want C players on an A team or vice versa. This is not beneficial for either scenario.

17. How many kids are on a team? Usually there are 10 players per team but there are exceptions to this rule and would be communicated when teams are formed.

18. Are players recruited to play for the 43 Hoops? Yes, Some kids have been recruited to play for us here at 43 Hoops. We recruit based on player position need as well as quality kids that want to play hard and develop at all levels.

19. I have more questions–who do I contact? Please contact